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Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
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  • Amal sater

    Amal Sater

    From: Montreal, Canada. Working 12 years as an early childhood educator has taught me so much. Everyday is a new learning opportunity.

    Autism Speaks is part of my everyday life (literally). As an active member of society, I want to be part of solutions, if not solutions at least partial relief. Being able to contribute to a cause is very rewarding to me.

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  • Sandeep singh

    Sandeep Singh

    Management Consultant, Chemical engineer, MBA. SOS contributor and promoting. Avid traveller. Cricketer. Reading. Want to start my own old age home and orphanage :)

    TPO strikes me as the best platform where I can make the maximum impact in helping people.

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  • Wateraid


    Through our partners, we reached 2 million people with safe water and 3 million people with sanitation last year.

    WaterAid is an international organization whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people by improving access to safe water and sanitation, and by improving hygiene behaviour.

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"Get involved now. Joining TPO means you get a say in making stuff better. Have your say, share ideas, inspire people & follow causes that inspire you."


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